Some voters think it's futile to e-mail or speak to  elected officials about Mandate Relief, that NYS government is  an immoveable, irresistable force,    impossible to change.  As Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy shows, they are wrong:


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Nov. 16, 2011 – “Duffy acknowledged mandate relief will take time because the programs are tedious to unravel and that  some 'have been in place for years.' One thing is certain – the state will not assume the counties’ cost of Medicaid, although there has been an unceasing call for relief from New York’s most expensive mandate.”


Feb. 24, 2012 - “'The governor has proposed taking over all of medicaid which is a huge savings for counties around the state,' Duffy said.”

The  best time to plant a tree and write your legislators was 20 years ago.   The next best time is today.    E-mail as many NYS Senators and Assemblymen as you can, and tell them you want mandate relief now.   Thanks to the NYS Association of Counties, it's easy -just…click…HERE

E-mail them today.   E-mail them early.  E-mail them often.   Repetition helps.   And don't limit yourself to your Senator and Assemblyman.  Every NYS Senator and Assemblyman has a vote on the NYS mandate spending inserted into our county, town, and school budgets by the Legislature.


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